Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning

Engineering Design

At the foundation of any great project is great design and with our experienced team at Vedansh, you get the best engineering design solutions with our industry and technical know-how and innovative spirit. We follow a systematic yet dynamic approach to design to best fit our client’s needs and vision, which enables us to execute complex designs with ease, in compliance with regulatory policies.
Our client’s vision is always at the heart of our designs, and all aspects of engineering from electrical to instrumentation to automation are taken care of.


Understanding the importance of quality of components and raw materials in any project, we, at Vedansh, pay utmost attention to our material procurement activities performed by our team of qualified experts.
Our procurement process has stringent measures and systems for the following:

Vendor evaluation

Vendor identification and evaluation is the first step, once our list of required items is ready. We have collaborated with the best vendors to ensure the best for you.

Tendering and Techno-commercial Bids Analysis

Our team shortlists suppliers and then floats a tender for procurement while making sure all parameters for quality and performance are taken care of. After that, a rigorous techno-commercial analysis of all bids is done to select the most competent vendors.

Purchasing and Vendor Drawings Approval

A purchase order is then released with adequate documentation keeping in mind your interests regarding costs, performance and quality. The vendors are required to submit their drawings and data specifications for the materials required, which are then checked and sent for approval to you. Once they are approved by you to your satisfaction, the order is executed.


Once procured, all materials are thoroughly inspected and an inspection report is sent to you to review before any items are delivered. Once approved for quality and project requirements, the materials are delivered.


Once the goods are approved for quality and quantity, they're expedited to the vendor.


The most integral step to any project is the execution, and our team of technical and operational genius at Vedansh ensures that each aspect of each project is executed with finesse, while adhering to HSC standards and timelines. From planning to material management to manpower allocation to testing and quality assurance, each step is handled with care and efficiency.
The project handover happens after multiple safety checks and with a detailed document for the client’s reference. Our support does not end at handover though, we are available for our customers, our family, 24/7.