Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

Success is said to be easy to attain but difficult to maintain. We understand that your project has been completed successfully and you are keen to ensure that it remains a source of pride for the entirety of its life. We at Vedansh, offer solutions for the operation and maintenance of your projects so that you can breathe easy knowing we are there to take care of it and keep it performing at optimal levels.
A well-maintained machine or plant is not only essential for the overall performance of your project but also for the safety of your employees. We place the utmost importance on safety and follow strict protocols to ensure that safety standards are always maintained across the board. With our AMCs, you can ensure the upkeep of your systems and get flawless performance from it. Our team of technical experts will make sure to minimize the downtime and keep the project running at the highest capability. When you work with us you can always be assured of the quality, reliability and growth that we bring with us. From preventive measures and checks to emergency solutions, leave it to us to keep you looking the best.

If you engage us for the operations and maintenance of your projects we will take over the responsibility for:

Equipment and Site Upkeep

Regular checks and tests will be conducted by our team of trained professionals to ensure that the site and machinery are performing to required standards and any maintenance and upkeep work required happens on the proper scheduled time.

Equipment repair and refurbishment

If there is fault with the equipment we can get it refurbished or repair it

Preventive Care

We develop a schedule for regular maintenance of the site so that our technical experts can ensure everything is operating the way it should. During these visits our team dot the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure everything is proceeding as it should.

Emergency Solutions

In case of emergencies, the proper emergency procedure is applied to ensure complete safety and minimize downtime. Once the process is successfully completed, including evacuation and establishment of safety protocol, we begin resuming the site and ensure that all checks are taken and all machines are good to go so that the project resumes efficiently but safely to avoid repeat situations.

Routine Maintenance

Routine rounds of maintenance for all machinery is done to ensure that our technicians can check and raise issues in case any machinery or project related issues appear to be forming. This ensures downtime can be minimised and bigger issues can be stopped from appearing.

EIS Operations

As we specialize in electrical and information systems, we are well aware of their position in the plant. In case of a small failure in these machines the whole operation can be compromised and go down. We take special measures to ensure that your plant keeps on working as it should and these special processes always perform to the requisite needs.