Project Management

Project Management

We at Vedansh understand that every project has its own dynamics and complexities, that is why your project regardless of size is approached on its own merits. All steps for project management are taken into account while developing the plan and all details are provided in the final document. An in-depth understanding of project requirements is first gained based on which our team experts design the project management structure for your project. The entire ecosystem of stakeholders and all complexities are taken under due consideration to ensure a high level of process maturity that comes with our experience. Along with our experience, we also bring bleeding-edge technology, high-end framework, software and tools along with essential understanding and knowledge to develop high quality, detailed and time-bound project plans. The steps include Project Scheduled Activities list, requirements and timeline, Effective Resource Utilisation, Cost Efficiency Measures, The framework for following Compliance, Certification & Policies and Stakeholder Management System.

Project Schedule Activities

The project is divided into checkpoints and milestones, the team goes to the project site. After completing all checks and discussions the team prepares a list of required resources to be acquired.

Effective Resource Utilization

The team is divided so that each specialist is assigned the perfect role for them. The team is composed of carefully selected experienced professionals who are ready to take on their positions and skillfully get the work done.

Cost Control

A thorough look is taken at all the cost centers and their requirement for the project. They are then measured against alternatives that could provide a better price point while giving the same technical performance. This will help your project stay in budget and on track.

The framework for following Compliance, Certification & Policies

The project and processes are checked to ensure that they meet the requirements set by the client and the certifying agencies; this is done to ensure that there are no issues on a later date and there is only peace of mind.